At the Bikesan@s Co-Op, open every Wednesday from 7-10pm, we are focused on helping those who already ride bikes as a form of transportation, which is the low-income migrant community, and those who want to start riding bikes, which are mostly youth . In order for us to become a full functioning co-op we need TOOLS and other resources that will help us continue the work we do.

This is an invitation for you to donate to this grassroots (we are not a non-profit) movement to inspire a conscious community on wheels.

There are many ways you can donate!

*Donate your old bikes that you don’t need, use or want. We take road bikes, mountain bikes, cruisers and most importantly KIDS bikes. Let’s get them started early. 🙂

*Donate spare bike parts that are reusable. We are all about recycling but it is important our Bikesan@s ride quality bikes.

*Donate cleaning supplies like simple green, brushes, solvents, degreasers, steel mesh scrubbers, and we LOVE LUBE!

*Donate our most commonly needed parts (which are best if new): Brake wires and tubes. Tubes can be in sizes 26, 27 and 700.

*Bike Tools Wish List new or used.

Metric Wrench set
Metric Hex Wrench Set
Floor Pump
Headset wrench (36mm/32mm)
Spoke wrench set

Repair Stand
Truing Stand

Tub of Polylube
First Aid Kit
Bottom Bracket tool
Adjustable Pin Spanner
Lockring Wrench
Tire Lever set
Chain Breaker

*Last but definitely not least you can donate in MOOONEY so we can continue running this program.

We do not have a bank account and no pay pal account so we accept cash, checks and money orders.
Stop by to visit the Co-Op any Wed night or mail a check to:

Bikesan@s Co-Op
12545 Terra Bella St.
Pacoima, CA 91331

make checks payable to karina ceja

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!! Every little bit of help is needed and appreciated.

En la lucha,



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