Bikesan@s is a self-sustained cyclist collective from the East San Fernando Valle riding to inspire a community on wheels. Bikesan@s provides a not for profit service to the community by promoting cycle mechanics and awareness as well as social justice and autonomous living.

We seek to cultivate seeds of consciousness by creating a more united sense of community. Bikesan@s will provide bicycle mechanics and promote bicycle culture by making knowledge and tools readily available to the community never turning anyone away for lack of funds.  We will promote social justice and autonomous living by working with, listening to, and keeping strong ties among our community and like minded groups. We hope to build from what we do not have and make what we do have stronger.

We do this by providing the tools to build and maintain bicycles in local spaces in the community, thus promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. In learning how to repair, build, and maintain bicycles, individuals have a chance to strengthen ties between peoples of all ages, backgrounds, and social categories. Bicycles discourage excessive automobile infrastructure and encourage public open spaces. In all, bicycles promote dialogue and open minds.



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